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Unique Craftsmanship "Over 3 generations of experience in producing luxury leather shoes and bags"

Why choose Us?

Elegance & Style

With it's own style and special design, GEPARD stands out as a being a brand suited for both casual and elegant.

We carefull choose the right combination of colours to make GEPARD products unique.

Initally, GEPARD created sneaker for people who loved the racing industry. Of course, this style still exists today but we also focus on ballerinas, moonwalks and heels. We have more premium items coming.

Why choose Us?

Speed & Innovation

Est. 1969, GEPARD was one of the top German Shoe brands in Europe sponoring Fritz Leinenweber of the Porsche racing team.

GEPARD, Cheetah in German, has developed overtime to needs of the consumers. Just like feline species, the speed, elegance and gracefullness is what keeps it alive.

GEPARD's craftmanship is incredibly focused on using the most high quality materials. 100% Handemade and Designed in Venice, Italy.

Why choose Us?

Graceful & Comfort

The form of all GEPARD products are made using the best craftsmanship, high quality materials and right amount of time for production.

We are not focused on mass-production but on creating products that will last a long time and feel comfortable even after you have walked for hours. Our laufelastisch soles make this happenn.

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